Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Donald Delaney Eating Disorders Clinic is dedicated to the specialized care of preadolescent and adolescent patients age 10-21 years with suspected eating disorders. Typically, one undergraduate extern is taken each year. A year long commitment is preferred, but a one semester internship will be accepted if the candidate is the strongest. Typical extern responsibilities include:
  • attending the weekly Eating Disorders Team meeting where patients are discussed
  • maintaining the patient Excel database
  • scoring the patient self-report questionnaires on new patients (a depression scale and the Eating Disorders Inventory)
  • helping to write a monthly newsletter, The Healthy Student Body, mailed to over 600 local pediatricians and school guidance counselors
  • possibly helping with lectures and Powerpoint presentations on the topic of eating disorders
  • various other duties such as photocopying, filing, etc…

Training is provided at the start and the range of extern responsibilities is tailored to the number of hours the extern has available to work. The externship is unpaid, but it may be possible to arrange to get independent study credit for this experience.

To Apply: Send a resume/vita and cover letter to Darlene M. Atkins, Ph.D. to

Location: 4900 Massachusetts Ave., NW., Washington, DC 20016
Office is less than one mile from American University, and bus accessible.

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