Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Gender and Sexuality Development Program - National Medical Center

The Gender and Sexual Development Program (GSDP) provides outpatient psychosocial consultations and group therapy for adolescents and their families, and a support group for families in the Washington, DC area. The program counsels children and families on these issues:

  • behaviors considered at variance with generally-accepted gender roles
  • sexual identity issues
  • gender identity issues
  • psychosocial aspects of Disorders of Sex Development (DSD), also known as intersex conditions (congenital genital variations)

The GSDP takes exceptional undergraduate interns who wish to make a one year commitment. It takes a lot to train an intern, so longer internships are preferred. Only one intern is taken per year. Interns will be working with gender variant/transgender kids. Intern responsibilities vary depending on the students skills. Roles could include working with research families, coordinating aspects of the research team, or participating on publications.

To apply: Contact Dr. John Strang at

Location: 15245 Shady Grove Road Rockville, MD. The metro is about 2 miles away, so it is not really within walking distance. 

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