Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Child Development Center at American University

The Child Development Center (CDC) provides high-quality education and care for children 2.5-6 years of age. The CDC provides primary family caregivers within the AU community opportunities to pursue a university education or career, support for the families, as well as an educational experience for university students interested in early childhood education. The CDC tries to collaborate with the psychology department often. They love and appreciate having interns, and interns also benefit from the experience while earning credits for it.

Typically, between 2 and 4 students are accepted per year. Sometimes, there are an additional 1 or 2 for the summer also. Students will be working with about 16 kids, aged 3.5-5.5 depending on the year. Intern responsibilities include assisting teachers with classroom activities, running errands as needed, monitoring and supervising the children, and taking the children outside. Interns serve as teachers assistants, and are never left alone with the children. Interns learn, observe, and ask questions during their time at the CDC. Additionally, they are given an assignment once a week, which can be anything from reading an article for discussion to doing a project revolved around a specifically aggressive or timid child.

To apply, students should coordinate with Dr. Gray in the psychology department. Students should register for the class for credit, fill out the required paperwork and health forms, and go through a routine background check. The CDC loves and welcomes interns!

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